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We are well trained and equipped in installations and providing consultancy services on security systems such as CCTV & IP Surveillance systems, Fire Alarm systems, Video intercoms, Automated pool covers, Gate automation, Electric/ Razor Fencing, Access control/Biometric Attendance, Intruder alarm system, Security monitoring, Solar system Installation, Networking & IT Infrastructure, Security consultant services. We believe that investing in your security is investing in your future.


Security systems deserves the highest level of care and maintenance. The prevalent trend is for property owners to outsource this technically demanding task. The level of care and maintenance delivered may deteriorate to an extent that compromises the integrity of the system, thereby risking the safety of occupants and property.


We provide enhance training on our field of expertise to any individuals or corporate organization who wills to be skilled in the security surveillance world. We provide with 100% hands-on & site experience on our services. This course will take you step-by-step through the wiring, termination, installation and configuration of all systems.

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CMERAX provide services to Institutions, corporate organization, Individuals, small to medium enterprises. We are considered by our clients as the best and it will be an honor to provide our services to you. Enclosed are Completed and ongoing project in selected organizations and industries.

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This course will take you step-by-step through the wiring, termination, installation, and configuration of all systems. Join the many thousands who have acquired new skills, gained expert knowledge, and created new career opportunities for themselves by enrolling in our training programs.

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CMERAX fixes and service electronic systems to detect burglars, harm, and intruders and control access to buildings or sites.

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